“Outsiders” – Lecrae

I won’t stay here another night
If I gotta sacrifice
Who I am on the inside
I’d rather be an outsider
And you can stay if you’d like
I’ll see you on the other side
I wanna live the free life
I’d rather be an outsider [5x]

[Verse 1 – Lecrae:]
I really can’t tell if I’m over-dressed or I’m under-dressed
If I’m under-paid, or just over-stressed
If I’m cynical, or just over this
Cause I’m tired of trying to get over them
Man, it’s over then, party’s over
You probably couldn’t tell that we over here, because you hardly sober
Double shots in that ego
They laughing at us, yeah, we know
Maybe at the bottom, but we not forgotten
The directors plotting that sequel
Till’ then we live on the outside
And it might storm and we might die
But, I’d rather go where my fist high
Standing outside of your inside
I tried my best to fit in
Looking for a suit to fit in
Standing outside of your prison
Trying to find ways I could get in
Now I realize that I’m free
And I realize that I’m me
And I found out that I’m not alone cause’ there’s plenty people like me
That’s right there’s plenty people like me
All love me, despite me
And all unashamed and all unafraid to speak out for what we might see
I said there’s plenty people like me
All outsiders like me
And all unashamed and all unafraid to live out what they supposed to be


[Verse 2 – Lecrae:]
I know what they asking for, I know what they asking for
But, how you gonna come and charge me, my life is sold, and then turn around and ask for more
Time to go, plus the line is long
I’ma color the outside, but lines a drone
If you wanna exclude me, for being the true me
It’s Gucci, I already found my home
Homeless, if I’m on this
Cause’ my home is somewhere I ain’t never been before
I’ma own this here gift, even if it doesn’t fit in the box that’ll bleed these folks
Some of ya’ll don’t need these quotes
I ain’t tryna’ eat, I’m tryna’ feed these folks
Martin, Mandela, yeah, we need these folks
We believe these folks
We can be these folks
But they want me to take an L
Tired of taking losses, so they can call me a failure
I failed at being you, but I’m winning at being me
I’m winning at being free, ain’t no competition but me
See I realize that I’m free
And I realize that I’m me
And I found out that I’m not alone, and there’s plenty of people like me
I said there’s plenty of people like me
All outsiders like me
All unashamed and all unafraid to live out what they supposed to be

You spend your time
So many lives
Turn on the lights
Open your eye
We’ll be running through the night
It’s brighter on the other side
Somethings bigger than You and I
Brighter on the other side [5x]

Stop trying so hard

You’re trying too hard. You must not know who you are. It’s not natural. You look uncomfortable.

Chris Martin Writes

There are so many things we strive for in this life. Happiness, success, peace, joy, recognition…the list could go on for quite a while. The world believes all those things are possible if we just work hard enough. Just put in a little more effort to reach goals. Don’t let anything get in our way.

God’s love is exactly the opposite, and it contains anything and everything we will ever need. We don’t have to work hard to earn it. God said “Here you go,” and sent us Jesus. He died a horrible death on the cross to reconcile us back to our Father.

Stop trying to do everything, and surrender yourself to God.

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The road-map to independence

1- Identification;
Who you are as the creator would define it. This is a long process of learning. It requires much fearlessness to simply survive. Many are easily eliminated in this step.

2- Questioning of the incumbent powers; they know what you don’t, ask questions until you come to a question they are un-willing to answer. Then you will have begun to understand.

3- Action;
Assuming you are no longer encumbered by dependence and equipped with a love and indescribable fearlessness you are ready to start your quest. listen and act on your whims. Say yes to the voices in your head knowing that you can do no wrong. You have become un-stoppable.


Focus focus
Don’t miss a thing
Wide eyed open
Don’t miss a thing
Can you afford your ambitions
When we arrive we’ll start living

Wow how awful the first time it felt impossible
And the world around me was no longer wonderful
I can’t give back your influence perspective is hard to undo
Thank you for the experience
Here’s some anxiety to keep you company as you waste your energy
Trying to build your legacy
Tell me what more can a man do then eat drink and enjoy his toil
I want to be casual but taking it easy is too stressful
Anticipation nowadays looks a lot more like anxious
Time killed away our imaginations
We used to escape into fantasies and fairytales
Now we medicate
How do you feel?

Focus focus
Don’t miss a thing
Wide eyed open
Don’t miss a thing
Can you afford your ambitions
When we arrive we’ll start living

Artist: John Reuben
Song: Focus (second and third verses, chorus)
Album: Word of Mouth

Anything you attempt to do to prove God, his existence, or anything about him will ultimately fail.

The one true God and creator.

The one who loved wretched humanity so much that he sent his perfect son, the price of peace and ambassador representing all the glory and power of the universe.

That God.

He will NEVER be proven or allow his glory to be revealed by any lowly earth mortal.

EVERYONE believes they are serving some great God or worthy godly purpose.

In fact I would say even the person that would wish to end their own life believes they are being of service by ending their earthy existence.

After all, what do sinners do? They commit sins, they cause pain, they create suffering, bring about more and more life of and into sin and just perpetuate the sin problem.

Think about it. The mind of the suicidal person. Do you really need a note? I think the statement is clear; “You’re right. I’m trash, I’m a sinner, I’m worthless. I so agree that I deserve death that, you know what? Here. Let me do that, we don’t need to even burden the judgment and legal process with the task, cost and time of ending my rampage of awful, here…” click, done.

Seriously, you don’t need to wonder what was wrong, why they did it. If there was no clear communication or message along with they act of why, THAT’S THE MESSAGE! Self convicted sinner. Executed. Don’t torment yourself over someone else’s decision. Admire their sacrifice. Recognize the intent! That’s the least you can do. You aren’t their judge! Your survival and personal obligation to yourself is no different because they aren’t alive anymore.

Don’t take the most obvious conclusion and be a victim of sin yourself!

What do I mean you ask? Well it’s very easy to become the victim of a suicide. There’s this idea that if they had really cared and loved you they could never have done that. The TEMPTATION to take their act personally is a slippery slope down to a treacherous cliff. Only on your delusion was life going to beso much more perfect with that person rowing your boat down the river of life. Poor you left to burden and hurt because he or she is gone now and oh woe is me. What will I do without my (insert name here).

Seriously? This trap and others like it is what people are left with. We are so sinful and selfish that a person killed in the act of trying to kill our enemies is a hero. But a self convicted and contentious sinner who believes the lies whispered and screamed in so many different ways that they are compelled and actually have the courage to carry out personal execution is considered the worst of evil unforgivable sinners possible? Really? Why is that? They couldn’t stand to live with themselves. But by ending their own life, somehow they are awful and their life shouldn’t matter, should go unacknowledged, because of the wrong they did to you or some other humanity?

That’s twisted. The whole situation wreaks of sin, conspiracy and manipulation. The whole thing, it just stinks the most rotten disgusting stench you could imagine possible.

We’ll never get over it.

Not without help.

But “wait” you say? Maybe you’re thinking “God helps those that help themselves”. Really? You want to go to some over simplified idea like that?

Or maybe this; “God helps you where you are but he doesn’t leave you there.” Really? So God’s going to make you follow him? Right. No, wait. God doesn’t just knock, he’ll huff, puff, break your door down, throw you over his shoulder and drag you to oxygen tanks, sponge baths and an all you can eat 24 hour open buffet. Right?

Sorry, sarcasm over.

I’m not about to brow beat you into understanding and believing this. All of life is rhetoric. It’s up to you to wade through the mud to find something solid and worthy of standing on and for.

Help can come in many different forms, but let me leave you with this…

Seeing the crowds, he went up on the mountain, and he sat and taught them, saying:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.

Rejoice and be glad! For your reward is great in heaven. In the same way they persecuted the prophets who went before you.”

Matthew 5:1-12

Sin, Suicide, Murder, Death, Life, Belief, Hope, Rescue


Your greatest sin is not the abortion that you asked forgiveness for or the adultery you committed or whatever it is that you did in your life in the past that you’re ashamed of that keeps hounding you. Your greatest sin is not believing God’s word when he said repent of your sins, ask forgiveness and you will be cleansed, becoming a new person.

Stop repenting of and loathing in your past sin and repent of your unbelieving, for as high as the mountain tops are down to the depths of the oceans, if you sincerely asked God to forgive you and believed in the sacrifice of his perfect son Jesus, that’s how far your sin has been removed from you.

So then, when that lion prowles around in the shadows of your mind whispering voices reminding you of your misled past, you can break those chains of bondage and vanquish the sword and arrow targeting your heart and with strength confidence proclaiming abundant new life as a son or daughter of God; “In the name of Jesus, be cast into the cold dark depths of my past along with those very sins you led me into you traitor and wretched liar! I have been cleaned and forgiven by the perfect blood of Jesus!”

To seek God is to be in his word, to be in Christ is to marvel at his character and revel in his holy sacrifice.

Unequaled Power, Confidence!



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